Marisa Monte will release new CD – Marisa Monte lança novo disco nesta quarta-feira

For those who don’t know who Marisa Monte is….well, now you will. The singer is releasing her first disc since the simultaneous release of Universo ao Meu Redor and Infinito Partícular in 2006. Though the new album isn’t scheduled for release until later this year, a new single can be heard now on her website (scroll down to watch on this page).

Marisa Monte

Trained as an opera singer, Monte came to be known as an interpreter of samba and MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) from the generation preceding hers. She has worked with other popular Brazilian artists of her own era, including collaborations with Arnaldo Antunes and Carlinhos Brown as part of a group called the Tribalistas. You can have a listen to a bit of their work below.

As for the new disc, Monte teams up again with Arnaldo Antunes on what is being peddled as the top single on the album, “Ainda Bem.”  The new single was released Wednesday on Monte’s site.  You can see it here via Monte’s site:

If, being the curious and inquisitive type, you’re interested in learning more about Marisa, here’s an English-language interview she gave to BOMB magazine in 2001.

As a digression, I’ve noticed as I’ve trolled sites of Brazilian musical artists to see if any will be giving shows when I’m in São Paulo this fall that many have begun translating their sites into English. The attempts by acts like Ivete Sangalo and Daniela Mercury to reach American audiences has already  been covered at length, but I hadn’t known that Marisa Monte, who in terms of musical talent and complexity rises well above Sangalo and Mercury, was also trying to reach a new audience. Another stellar Brazilian musician, Djavan, has also translated his site. Could it be related to the Dilma’s stated goal during her inauguration speech that the government promote Brazilian culture abroad? Just a musing. Has anyone else noticed this trend?

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One thought on “Marisa Monte will release new CD – Marisa Monte lança novo disco nesta quarta-feira

  1. I haven’t, but i seems like the natural way of things. Eu comprei um CD dela nos anos 90 “Barulhinho Bom” que tem liricas e musicas em Portugues, Ingles e Japones. Acho que nao eh nada novo com ela.
    Can’t wait to hear her new music.

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