You’ve landed on the page of writer, translator, and editor Eric M. B. Becker.

A little about me: I’m editor of the world literature journal Words without Borders. I’m also a PEN/Heim-winning translator from the Portuguese. In 2016, I edited—along with Mirna Queiroz of Revista Pessoa—the anthology Glossolália: Women Writing Brazil, featuring twelve women writers from South America’s largest country. (You can grab a sneak peak at Lit Hub and Electric Literature.) I also work as freelance editor on book-length projects. Among my forthcoming projects are short story collections by Mia Couto and Lygia Fagundes Telles. I currently live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the recipient of a 2016 Fulbright Fellowship to translate Brazilian literature.

To see my past work as a translator from the Portuguese, including selections from my forthcoming translation of a Mia Couto short story collection, click here.

Some current projects (not exhaustive): Jorge de Lima, Carol Rodrigues, J. J. Veiga, Alice Sant’anna, Edival Lourenço, anthology of Afro-Brazilian writers.

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